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Airline Service

​Handling of Lost & Found cases

Identification of luggage on the baggage carousel, transport in the airport area, disposition of delivery, notify of delivery by phone, delivery to cutomers (To Bavaria, parts of Austria and parts of South-Tirol) through consolidated or direct shipment, monthy invoicing and list of individual postions.

Your advantages

  • Fixed price per unit also on small amounts.
  • Professional team
  • Local contact.
  • All from first-hand.
  • No contract binding.

Handling of transport damage

In case of total loss an exchange takes place in our Baggageshop at the munich aiport, billing are cooridnated with the insurance of the airline.

Your Advantages

  • Our local support take care of your passengers.
  • Local first hand service.
  • No shipping costs.
  • Cheap prices.
  • No need to contact your insurance (Direct accounting of damage reports with your insurance)
  • Execution according to guidelines of the airline.
  • Professional Team.

Small and express transports

Our professional drivers and short reaction time.
We offer cost efficient consolidated shipment from Munich Airport to Bavaria and parts of Austria and South-Tirol. Optionial direct transport with faster delivery at higher costs.

Your Advantages

  • Professional drivers and short reaction time.
  • Cheap prices through consolidated shipment.
  • No contract binding.
Airline Service

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